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Be the Best You

Our goal is that every guest that visits us feels loved, comfortable and leaves feeling beautiful and confident. We have a passion to provide exquisite services to suit each individual guest's lifestyle and personal expressive style.

Pricing may vary per stylist or technician.*

Salon Kathleen hair stylist Matt holding cutting shears. and looking directly at the camera, with the shears open. The shears are professional high-quality shears used by expert hair stylists at Salon Kathleen.
An aesthetician applies a facial mask to a relaxed client's skin. The client lies back with eyes closed and hair pulled away from her face, as the aesthetician uses a brush to gently paint a facial mask onto her skin.
Close-up image of a woman's eye with lush, full lashes fanning outwards to display Salon Kathleen's high-quality lash extension options. Long, dark lashes uniformly coat the upper lash line for a thick, voluminous look.


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Close-up of Salon Kathleen An aesthetician performing a HydraFacial treatment on the face of a client. The image shows the aesthetician holding the HydraFacial machine tip just above the client's skin. The tip applies gentle suction and serums to deep clean and infuse the skin.
Aesthetician carefully shaping a client's eyebrows during a brow waxing service at Salon Kathleen. The client is reclining with eyes closed as the aesthetician meticulously sculpts and waxes for a polished end result.